Salmon and Avocado Toast

Quick, delicious, and filled with color. What more could a health foodie like me really want in her ideal breakfast? Nothing more. Because this was perfection.

It looks and tastes like the summer break I am trying so hard to hold onto…school is upon us (or maybe its already started for you)…and took me less than 5 minutes to whip up in the kitchen. Perfect if you’re constantly a busy bee like me.

I thought of this idea while falling asleep the other night. As I lay there contemplating what I’d done and still needed to do, it suddenly occurred to me: What do I do for breakfast in the a.m.?  I’m so damn tired of the same old stuff I usually eat. I think there’s some leftover salmon in the fridge. And I just bought avocados. I also haven’t made a good avocado toast in a while. What if I combined the two? Hellz yeah. There’s no way that can be bad.

Of course, that wasn’t the ONLY time I’d thought of doing something along the lines of a salmon toast type of deal. Some good ‘ol lox and cream cheese has been on my mind lately, but cream cheese is so high in cholesterol and lox is so high in sodium (I didn’t find this out until recently) so I kept thinking up healthy alternatives that would give me that same satisfying bite minus all the fat and salt.

Hence, the salmon and avocado toast baby was born.

The salmon is wild caught Alaskan. It’s pinker in color and hosts more flavor than farm raised. It’s also hella better for you because it doesn’t contain all that junk farm raised salmon are fed to grow larger (which is processed and high in fat).

My toast of choice is always 100% whole grain ezekiel bread. 🙂

Smash half an avocado with a fork, wash a few strawberries, and you’ve got a breakfast paradise.

SIDE NOTE: The salmon is pan-fried. Also I added (not pictured) a dash of pepper to kick up the flavors a bit. The results were mouth watering.


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