Four Sigmatic Review: The Coffee That Gets Me to Run and Write

Four Sigmatic.

The coffee that gets me to RUN…to the BATHROOM!!!

No, I’m totally kidding. All coffees get me to do that.

On the real though, Four Sigmatic has become one of my MAIN comforts since the pandemic started. Maybe it’s the anti-inflammatory health benefits. Maybe it’s the neat immunity boosting properties the mushrooms possess. Maybe it’s the fact that I can say I drink mushroom coffee and my boyfriend shrivels his nose at the sound of it. He detests most, if not all, vegetables.


SIDE NOTE: Austin actually REALLY likes this lion’s mane ground coffee mix I had him try on our last camping trip! Post about that, coming soon!

Any who, I’ve had a deep interest in this awesome brand of superfood coffee for the past 2 years (which is when I first heard about it). And I’ve always wanted to TRY THEM ALL but the product is a bit on the pricey-er side so I’ve only ever gotten single packets. And up until 2019, I’d only ever tried the Cordyceps and Chaga “Achieve” Mushroom Coffee Mix and the Golden Latte Mushroom Mix with Shiitake and Turmeric. Which are both SO good and make you feel SO healthy.

BUT LET IT BE KNOWN that during BOTH Four Sigmatic experiences, I never really understood what I was drinking. LOL. I legit just enjoyed the taste of these concoctions and knew they were healthy.




And my anxiety and OCD were OFF THE CHARTS. It was semi-paralyzing. What was happening? Why were things shutting down? I got furloughed from my job. Everything was so uncertain (as it still is, let’s be honest here)…I would feel fine and then I wouldn’t. But I knew one thing was for sure: I needed to control the nervous energy inside me.

I made my weekly grocery trips to Sprouts extravagant events since it was the only thing I could do outside of my apartment. PSA: before the pandemic my grocery trips were extravagant events, nonetheless.

BUT THIS TIME: I noticed Four Sigmatic sold boxes of coffee mix packets in the coffee aisle rather than just single packets in the superfoods/supplements aisle and my world opened up to extraordinary new realms.

I bought a box of their “Balance” Adaptogen Coffee Mix with Tulsi & Ashwagandha.

And Y’ALL– it worked WONDERS.

On top of doing what I could to actively research what was going on in the world until I was caught up with all the COVID madness, sipping on this calming joe eased the nerves within my body almost instantly.

Soon after, I discovered the Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane existed!!! #SCORE

I made the effort to FINALLY research and understand what it is I’ve been putting into my body too and learned to appreciate and use Four Sigmatic’s products to their full effect!

My main goals since getting over the hump of anxiety and OCD have been re-visiting my love for long distance, early morning runs and finding time to adopt screenwriting into my daily schedule. My daily schedule that is always changing. Honestly been having problems keeping things 100% consistent lately, but we gettin’ somewhere each and every day!

Some Cool Medicinal Mushroom Facts:

–For all my nervous thinkers: Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffee is great for naturally nervous people like me because it gives you less jitters, contains less acidity, and less caffeine. Which helps my heart not palpitate if I’m freaking out about something before drinking a cup!

–Did you know that half of our human DNA is derived from fungi?!?!?!?! Half of pharmaceuticals contain some sort of fungi in them.

–Functional mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of thousands of years! Functional = the belief that plants and lifestyle change can help us heal.

Here is EVERYTHING I bought at Sprouts earlier this week. I got really excited when I saw the variety (looolz, typical me). I haven’t tried ALL of them yet, but I thought researching them all was super fascinating! Refer to the previous pic for the ones I’ve actually tried so far this week.

A Breakdown of the ‘Shrooms (you see above…b/c Four Sigmatic works with even more mushrooms than you see here! #wild):

LION’S MANE: helps bring health to your neurons by helping to re-grow myelin (which increases the rate of transmission of signals…sort of like your body’s personal wi-fi motem…or 5G network.). Lion’s mane is good to drink long-term because of this ability to increase your nerve growth factor. Short term, this bad boy helps you focus and gain mental clarity.

CORDYCEPS: this ‘shroom is stimulating, but not like coffee. Cordyceps oxygenate your body and support energy production through ATP growth in your cells (the AP Bio nerd in me has been triggered in the best possible way). WEIRD FACT: Cordyceps are naturally derived from a parasitic fungus that overtakes mille worms. But at Four Sigmatic, they use rice instead to make their products fully vegan and not harm the worms. #savetheworms

ASHWAGANDHA— helps lower cortisol levels and can lower levels of depression and anxiety. Why this helped me so much at the beginning of the pandemic! Studies suggest it may also increase fertility in men, lower cholesterol levels, and boost brain function!

CHAGA: contains TONS of antioxidants which helps keep you from getting sick! There are also beta glucans in chaga which help you get support from melanin which THEN helps protect you from getting sun damage. Chaga with coffee is great because it’s alkaline which means it helps balance the acidity and makes the coffee go down very smoothly.

REISHI: considered the queen of all mushrooms. AKA the queen of mortality. Reishi helps you achieve the deeper quality sleep you need to feel rested. And can help you deal with stress when you are feeling overwhelmed. Reishi is not like a sleeping pill or melatonin that will knock you out quickly so you can have Reishi during the day and be AY-OKAY.

MAITAKE: contains anti-inflammatory/immunity benefits and may even help fight and prevent breast cancer tumors. Its abundance of vitamins and minerals may also help treat cold and flu symptoms, type 2 diabetes, and side effects of chemotherapy. More research needs to be done to be absolutely sure.

TURKEY TAIL:  such a weird name! And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with actual turkeys. Turkey Tail contains an abundance of antioxidants that strengthen your immune system and fights certain cancers (PSA: turkey tail does NOT treat cancer on its own). Turkey tail also impacts your gut bacteria to make your immune system stronger.

SHIITAKE: boosts longevity by improving circulation. They are anti-inflammatory and may protect against cancers, diabetes, and treat fever. More research is needed to be absolutely sure. But nevertheless, COOL AF.

Me excited to go on my own medicinal mushroom journey.

As U.S. Product Specialist Aaron puts it, when choosing a Four Sigmatic product, “It’s all about functionality and time of day.”

So that’s exactly what I did this week!

ON MONDAY: I drank the Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane to start my day and get to work. I’ve been making a point of wanting to keep my online presence consistent. I just started a YouTube Channel (linked here)!! And have been experiencing some technical difficulties with my laptop, phone, and wordpress site LAWD. But drinking that Lion’s Mane certainly gave me the clarity I sought to compartmentalize these hurdles and tackle one thing at a time.

ON TUESDAY: I started with the Ground Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane once more. By the time 4 P.M. rolled around for my upper body HIIT workout, I was feeling tired. So I poured the “Get Going With Cordyceps” Mushroom Elixir Mix into a cup of hot water and it legit gave me super powers to slay my workout.

ON WEDNESDAY: I started with a hot cup of the Mushroom Cacao Mix with Cordyceps “Perform” packet then ran 3 miles with clarity and ease (tbh I probably could’ve run more!). Later that afternoon, I made myself a cup of the “Think” Matcha Latte Mix with Lion’s Mane as a pick me up (also what’s pictured in the cup I’m holding in the pictures in this post…not that you can really tell LOL). I think it was perhaps a little too comforting for me because I was exhausted while drinking it then legit KO’d for a good hour after. HAHAHA!

My main takeaway? Four Sigmatic is bomb. And you certainly get what you pay for because the ingredients and quality of the products really bring you centered to the energy field you’re looking to tap into.

No jitters, no crashes (unless you’re exhausted like me), it can ease anxiety, and you can even add the packets to smoothies or make iced drinks out of them!

What’ll I drink next?! Tbh I’m really curious about the Mushroom Cacao “Chill” with Reishi Sleep Elixir they’ve got going on. I LOVE myself a good slumber. ❤

I hope you found this post abundant with information and insight into the wonderful world of Four Sigmatic! I will certainly continue to buy try their products and perhaps make an update post on this brand once I try the rest of their packets and their new protein powder (legit freaking out about that, so freakin’ cool).

Now, time to prep for the perfect introvert night in (which is every night since the pandemic started, let’s be honest)…Four Sigmatic’s “Chill” elixir and Netflix’s Selling Sunset! I legit can’t wait. I’m so excited. Probably too excited.

Until My Next Post,

Rebi ❤

INSTAGRAM: @rebijord

YOUTUBE: @rebijord

TWITTER: @rebijord


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