Our Parents Had it Better

The age of technology we live in SUCKS.

There, I said it.

Every single day updates for our iPhones, computers, tablets, what have you, got us looking down at our little screens instead of the people we pass by. We’re missing out on opportunities to make great friends, engage in scenarios that inspire us, or even find the person we’re supposed to end up with.

All because some college drop outs wanted to make our lives easier. (No disrespect, I love Steve Jobs and Bill Gates…just…keep reading).

I had dinner with my friend, Merrill, last night and this was when we had the revelation.

Let’s start here. There are SO many memes that exist on Twitter that say something of the like: we’re all that person who says we’ll keep in touch, or let’s hang out this summer, but never end up doing it.

Um, not me! Or Merrill! We vented about how WE’RE ALWAYS the one who texts first, who has to follow up on plans to make sure the other person didn’t make other ones because they forgot, or because they flat out just forgot.

We actually do what we say we’re gonna do. And call or text to cancel and reschedule when something comes up!

I’ve often been referred to as an old soul for this. She has too.

But should reaching out, being a nice person, and COMMUNICATING really be categorized as being an old soul????

Its frikin weird, man.

The technology that is supposed to help us communicate has made things worse. Nobody knows how to talk to anyone anymore. And nobody knows how to keep relationships.

There is a strange fear and overpowering laziness that has risen from the development of technology and unsociable attitude (ironically) that has grown from the development of social media.

And it reflects highly on day to day life. Not to mention in our society’s dating culture as well.

Its because social media makes you selfish. In an obsessive way.

Constantly checking for likes, comments, and (for some) having a fan base that LOVES when you do live streams and always comments more than generous things all over your videos makes you crave more.

In 2017, we are now finely tuned to put ourselves first. I’ll admit that I do this by way of making sure I eat healthy (mostly) and exercising. I also understand what my personal limitations are when volunteering for things, going out at night v. sleeping early (and vice versa), and just in general: wanting to please people.

When I am at my happiest, I can ensure I’ll do well for others. Whatever that may mean.

But does that even have anything to do with technology???

I guess. Partially.

Because I wouldn’t know half the things I know now if it weren’t for the internet (ex. health, fitness, etc.). Sorry school.

Actually wait…I’m not.

But back to dating (whoops I got sidetracked) apps like Tinder, Bumble, and whatever the hell else exists have given people a safe wall of selected pictures and bios to hide behind. Almost no one just walks up to a person and tells them they have a nice smile and that they should hang.

Almost no one who is between the ages of 19 and 26 wants a relationship because they claim they want to be “free” before they settle down and are PRISONED FOR ALL OF ETERNITY.

That is how you end up ALONE, ppl. If you literally blow a million chances to have a fantastic relationship with someone all because of your lame ass pride thing, chances are you will never find someone like that again. Or anytime soon, at least.

Rocking chair for 1?

I think, yes.

And this applies to just friends too!

Our parents had it better, as the title of this piece so blatantly commends, because they didn’t have text messaging or e-mailing. You could only talk to someone in person OR CALL their house phone. Or pass a note in class.

Maybe you could be just as flakey never calling again, not sending letters, or postcards, or whatever, but at least you had the balls (whether male or female) to start a conversation with someone on the subway, at the bus stop, and take in the scenery and life around you.


There was no room for fear. You couldn’t see when someone was typing, what they did that day on their insta story, or where they were on Snapchat Maps. AW HELL NO.

Snapchat maps is creepy as hell btw I am not for that.

It just sucks. These companies are getting richer, but society is getting dumber. Social media and technology has become the ultimate bully in a sense, making us all more insecure and not living out our full potentials.

With dating, with friends, with life.

We’re paying more to cut back on those experiences.

And lemme just say this: It’s one thing to have a bomb ass Insta feed and tons of followers, but if that’s all your life has amounted to…is it really worth it?

Until my next post…


Rebijord ❤


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