Monaco and Monte Carlo and Eze! Oh my!

Oh my is right because I did all three in one day!

Spoiler: It’s totally doable. 

But before I get into that, I wanted to take a second to revel in how great life is right now. Every weekend, whether I travel far or not, I’m getting to see beautiful places, the food has been A1 (despite a few risks I’ve made that end up being more like mistakes I’ll probs never do again HAHA), and I know I kinda mentioned it in my Exercising Balance While Abroad post, but I ran 5 miles at the gym this week! Something I haven’t done since before that sinus infection knocked me on my ass early on in February.

AND REAL QUICK: This morning, I mosied on down to the local farmer’s market and picked up a giant basket of strawberries and blackberries, a tuna salad (WITH ZOODLES) and a not only free, but FRESH round loaf of French bread. I wasn’t gonna eat the whole thing, but I tried it and realized it was legit baked this morning and, well, I did. 🙂 But c’est la vie because it was WOOOORTH IT.

Now onwards to my travels. I didn’t know until yesterday that Monaco was a city in a country of the same name. So it finally made sense why every time I put Monaco, France into my damn weather app throughout the week that nothing showed up. *shhh don’t tell anyone* I also didn’t realize that so many rich people/celebrities have houses there (like Tina Turner, Grace Kelly, and Bono) and that the city is basically a real life Duloc??? Or Genovia??? If you don’t know these movies, you need to watch them ASAP. Check Shrek and Princess Diaries. You won’t regret it.  😉 

Monaco is a really cute area because its so tiny, you walk for 10 mins and you’ve explored the whole thing. There are like 2 streets, 1 beautiful garden, the palace, a church, and the AWES-TASTIC Oceanographic Museum. Also some cool look out points. If you time it right, the changing of the guards is another thing to see right at 11:55 a.m. It’s legit and almost makes you feel like you’re in Disney. Almost.

In terms of weather, the day was moderately cloudy, but relatively dry until about 2 p.m. When we came out from seeing a variety of cuttlefish, octopi, and sharks at the Oceanographic Museum, torrential downpours had their fun and continued on until the end of the day.

But that didn’t stop us!

After the museum, we drove down to Monte Carlo and went into two Casinos. The first one, pictured above (also sry bout the quality, just our trusty wifi at it again), looked like a legitimate palace inside. My friend Brannon called it Versaille-style AKA super excessive and gaudy. But nonetheless gorgeous. I looked out for Selena Gomez b/c of that film she did (Monte Carlo) but couldn’t find her. Also couldn’t find that film. I tried watching it on Netflix when I got back last night but it was nowhere to be found. It’s probs on some illegal website or something but I wasn’t feelin’ it. *tear*

Walking towards that second casino, I realized the bulk of Monte Carlo had that same Versaille-style going on. The Hermès and Burberry shops as well as the marble/cobble stone streets also made the area look a lot like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Very fancy. Very posh. And more famous people live there too! Basically making Monte Carlo the French equivalent of Hollywood. Ayyyy, shoutout to having a lil piece of home miles and miles away!

At the second casino, not much went on. My friend, Elle, tried her hand at gambling, but ended up leaving in dissapointment. On the bright side, she didn’t spend ALL of her money!!! 🙂 We comforted the poor soul as we went back out into the rain, onto the bus, and off to our final destination of Eze.

SIDE NOTE 1: We later found out there was a robbery across the street at Cartier. We’d literally just missed it. #damn

By the time we got to Eze, everyone was so cold and wet that there had to be a vote of who wanted to climb up the medieval village in the 48 degree rain storm and see the view and who wanted to stay on the bus. Most of us voted to go up, and although the walk numbed my fingers and soaked my socks, it was well worth it. The view from the top of the mountain in the gardens was breathtaking. Even if there was a nice sheet of overcast filtering it. *check my Twitter, I enhanced the pic and it actually came out pretty cool*

After snapping them pics with my phone because I did not want to risk damaging my  Sony, we were back on the bus and heading home.

SIDE NOTE: Eze looks just like something out of a story book. I started humming “Little Town” from Beauty and the Beast while hiking through it. And my friend Halle started singing “Welcome to Duloc” from Shrek while we walked through Monaco. It was quite the musical-filled day.


As soon as we got home, I went with my friends Elle and Emily to the store and bought some hummus and a four pack of Ben and Jerry’s mini ice creams. *haha did u think I was gonna BEERS?* 😉

After I got back, I showered, put on my robe and binge watched my fave series atm: Bates Motel while munching on the bag of Trader Joe’s pita chips my mom got me (see last post), with that hummus and chocolate brownie flavored BJ mini along with the cookie dough flavored BJ mini. It was the perfect way to end a cold, wet, adventure-filled day.

Thanks so much for reading! If you ever plan on going to one or all of these cities, know that there are a lot of places to get food, souvenirs, and plenty of restrooms– haha can you say major tourist destination? (this is important for me tho cuz I legit have to pee all the time! And I’m always hungry.). Also know that all three places are primarily scenic ones so try and go on a sunny day when the horizon is clear and when slipping on a slick set of stairs or getting hypothermia aren’t possibilities. 🙂

See ya in the next post!


Rebijord ❤

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