Exercising Balance While Abroad

Traveling is great. Why? Because everywhere you go, everything you see, touch, smell, and taste is a totally new experience. No day is quite the same and a sense of eternal wonder swallows your soul.

In the most eye opening and wonderful way possible.

But of course, a human being can only handle so much newness and excitement before they crash and burn out. Especially if that human being is a health and wellness blogger.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good baguette with cheese, macaron, and/or moelleux (if you don’t know what this is, look it up) with the richest, most decadent filling just as much as the next girl *brb drooling*. I also LOVE exploring new places, learning about the art, culture, etc. but eating such indulgent treats and being constantly on the go day after day can lead one to feel weighed down, sluggish, and just all around exhausted. NOT the way to marvel at all Europe has to offer OR recover from excessive tourism so that I can recharge and take part in even more tourism. So, the solution? …you may ask… It’s Balance 🙂

I definitely learned to exercise balance the hard way because my first week in a new time zone I hardly slept, ate meals at odd times, and did a LOT. No regrets because my first stop in London (linked here) was GREAT, but my body threw a tantrum by giving me a sinus infection for the next two weeks. It wasn’t fun. I’ve also had to get used to certain foods not being so easily accessible out here like peanut butter and whole grain sprouted bread

Other things that took some getting used to: making sure my food choices are relatively low in fat. It’s tough because much of the cuisine in Europe is all about the cheese, desserts, and meat. Luckily, sticking to a pescatarian diet makes going out to eat with friends pretty easy (fish from the Mediterranean Sea ROCKS, y’all). And ngl keeping track of desserts gave me slight anxiety my first few weeks out here. But today? I ain’t sressin’. At least not nearly as much. I had to remind myself that I made a promise when 2017 hit: to worry less and do more of what I love.

All my life I’ve been a major foodie/moderate health foodie and once I became educated on nutrition and personal health, a MAJOR health foodie…and by major I mean slightly obsessive. But I knew that spending four months abroad, I wanted to let loose a little and enjoy my time overseas. Ain’t nobody got time to constantly worry about eating perfectly in regards to exact measured and balanced out portions, keeping track of saturated fat and sodium content, etc. Especially when you’re trying to meet people, understand a culture, and just enjoy the excitement of life around you.

When I went to London, I ate well, but also indulged. In Nice I indulged. In Italy I definitely indulged. And in Paris this weekend (if you couldn’t already tell from the BEAUUUTIFUL crepes pictured above…blog post coming soon) I indulged. 🙂 It’s been nice because all of my excursions have been weekend trips. So during the weeks I’ve been relatively good about eating plenty of veggies, fruits, beans, fish, and whole grain options. If an opportunity comes up to try a delicacy I may not get any other day, I’ll take it. Especially if its free. And in a cool place. With awesome people. 

With regards to working out, I’m not running nearly as much as when I trained for my half marathon in the fall, but I have plans to start a new training schedule once I get back home in June. In the meantime, I’ve been running outside and on treadmills approx. 3 days a week. I’ve been enjoying the scenery, learning my surroundings, and not going over 5 miles. Occasionally I’ll even partake in a fitness class at the local gym! In addition to that, I walk literally EVERYWHERE. Calories consumed def feel equivalent to calories being burned. Which is the perfect excuse to eat more of what I want. 😉

It’s been over a month of being overseas now and I can confirm that it’s been a month well spent. I get to continue my nutrition and fitness regimens while still having treats whenever I see fit, I give myself downtime, and have been sleeping well.

AND Since I’ve finally gotten settled, figured out my way around, where to get whole wheat baguettes ;), when and where to run, and get fresh fruits I can store that don’t need refrigeration from the local farmer’s market, etc. I haven’t been sick!!! *knocks on wood*. Not to mention totally relaxed and in my element. The only way to live in the present and truly take in the experiences that surround me on this adventure abroad.

I believe that one travels to discover life. To expand their horizons by opening their eyes to new cultures and further understand what it means to be a global citizen on this Earth that contains 7 billion people. Before I got on my plane to London, my dad told me, “be spontaneous, adventurous, bold, inquisitive, open to new ideas, and safe.” Thanks for giving me this opportunity to travel abroad, dad. Major shoutout. I love you! ❤

So if I have any word of advice for you trusty readers on being a top notch and quality tourist (especially for a long stretch of time), it’s to take care of yourself. Don’t be too strict and don’t be too lenient. Rather, find the balance of everything you know your life has to offer.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya soon!


Rebijord ❤

P.S. My friend Elaine says, “Hey.”


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