First lemme hitcha with that baddddd joke that’s on all our minds…

Nice is niiiiice.

No but forreal. Le semaine dernier was my first time exploring this beautiful city and I fell in love. ❤ Nice is kind of like a French New York City. There are lots of buildings, places to eat, beautiful cathedrals, and plenty of bad drivers.

My friends and I got lucky because we went during their annual Carnaval. There were floats decorated in a wide array of flowers gliding down the city streets. Music. Children jumping up and down for joy. And gorgeous mimosas (a yellow flower indigenous to France…kind of looks like the Who’s home in Horton Hear’s a Who) that were tossed into the crowd…of which I caught a handful. 🙂

Other than experiencing the Carnaval, my friends and I saw the beautiful Cathedrale Sainte-Reparate (which is the oldest church in the city; it’s been in existance since the 1200’s…) and is absolutely GORGEOUS. Every inch is breathtaking. To the point where I couldn’t help but think, How was it possible to build something so ornate back then with such limited tools??? Also I wonder how many people died trying to accomplish such a seemingly impossible task?


They deserve some serious respect.

Aside from the cathedral and the flowers, our trip consisted of endless amounts of FOOD. On account of my friend Abby, we hiked down to Fenocchio which is a world-renowned gellateria where I had the most DELICIOUS, and my 1st, Ferrero Rocher gelato. It melted in my mouth, was thick and creamy, and there was a generous scoop of hazelnut in every bite. (Comment below if you want me to do a review on it hehehe, it was HEAVENLY).

Post gelato, we set out to have lunch. Along the way I tried a piece of pesto parmesan cheese (free samples a fromage specialist was giving out from his little side street shoppe) which was awesome b/c the wheel itself was a typical yellow color, but the inside was totally green. And totally good.

For lunch, we found a casual Mediterranean place (sorry peeps, totally slipped on the name) where I got my hummus fix…I legit have a problem #hummusaddictforlife …and post lunch went to the Confiserie Florian (a small candy factory/store) where we got a free tour and free samples. This place was neat b/c they crystallize flowers and put them in EVERYTHING. For example, they make a mean rose petal jam and nougat with crystallized jasmine. Got damn. They fancy.

After we treated ourselves to these floral sweet treats and purchased some post cards, we headed back to the train station. We took the long way. The best way. The scenic way. And got this bomb ass pic featured above!

All in all, Nice is a beautiful city. We didn’t even plan to stay for that long, we were just going to stay for a few of hours then leave, but we loved it so much, we stayed until night fall and ended up walking 9 miles throughout the city!

Nice is def a place I could see myself living temporarily once I have the money to own multiple properties in multiple places. Motivation to work hard, people. 😉 The city has so much to offer, I definitely definitely DEFINITELY want to go back.

Have you been to Nice? If so, what do you recommend doing/going/eating? Comment  below 🙂 I would love to hear form you!

Until then, see ya in a week!


Rebijord ❤


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