Exploring London

On Friday at approximately 10:05 a.m. I touched down in London, England. By that time I’d had little to no sleep, hardly any dinner, and skipped breakfast. It was hardly like me. And those who know me know I NEVER skip a meal. I also seriously value a good night’s sleep. But on that one day, at that one time, none of that was on my mind. I felt awake and ready. The air was crisp, the clouds were thick. My flight attendants and pilots all had heavy British accents. I was excited, anxious, and curious. Bathrooms were labeled toilets. And classical music blasted through the speakers on my British Airways plane. I’d never been overseas before. BITCH, I was in London!!!

Exploring another country is cool. I mean obviously, but I found that London is especially fascinating because the city is exactly like New York except with more history. And they drive on the opposite side of the road. It was the perfect way to acclimate to a somewhat different culture. The food (which I’ll get more into momentarily) was delicious and someone selling cooking classes at an underground tube station said I must not be from the area because I was so nice! Although I will admit, I thought most of the people I met in London were super sweet– I got tons of compliments on my (#shoutout) colour pop matte liquid lipsticks. But who’s to say. Maybe they’ve never been to south Florida before.

My trip was a quickie, I stayed in London for approx. 2 full days, but I accomplished sooooo much! See the recap below:

FEB. 3: By the time I’d gotten to my hotel on that first day, it was time for lunch. My friend Bailey and I set out to find some food and happened upon a well-known chain restaurant in the area *can’t remember OR FIND what it was called, but when I find out I’ll insert it here* *promise* where I had the most DELICIOUS feast of a black bean veggie burger pita with a side of an entire roasted sweet potato and a heaping bowl of grilled veggies. It was quite the portion. And I inhaled it all in probs less than 5 seconds.

POST FOOD BABY CONCEPTION, we walked around Kensington and looked through some shops. Later that night, we explored Hyde Park where I saw Kensington Palace (where Princess Dianna used to live) and discovered a fantastic Lebanese restaurant off the main road *which I can’t remember or find the name of the place either, will be sure to keep this in mind for future posts* for dinner where I had THE BEST salmon, avocado, and couscous salad…then stopped by a Whole Foods where I consumed an entire container of freshly sliced mango.

FEB. 4: The next day, I joined a bus and walking tour where I got to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Eye, the West End theatre district, and got some legit fish and chips that I washed down with a nice, cold (not warm, mom) beer. After which I saw Abbey Road, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, and London Bridge. It was quite the day. I ended it at a bar with some friends, consuming a veggie burger composed of quinoa, black beans, and red peppers while laughing and playing games (like Heads Up, random questions, etc.).

It was a late night and an early morning (I left the hotel at 5:30 a.m.) off to my next venture. But it was nothing less than a truly thrilling experience. While my London trip was short lived, I don’t regret anything. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent there, sleep deprivation and all, and definitely want to go back. I could honestly even see myself potentially living there someday. But who knows, we’ll see. I said potentially. 😉

As for plans for when I go back? Well, that will HANDS DOWN have to be a trip dedicated to Harry Potter. Visiting King’s Cross, where they shot Diagon Alley, the whole shebang.

London is a beautiful city. Favorite parts def have to be seeing Big Ben and the London Bridge (I’m such a tourist) and (of course) the food. If you got this far reading this, lemme just say congrats and that I am excited to be sharing this new portion of my blog with you! To explore, be amazed, and type my curiosities and discoveries on here for you to see. 🙂 Now onto the next venture. As the great and powerful Oprah Winfrey declared, 2017 is the year of adventure. It’s time to explore. What else could be out there? Imma bout to find out. See ya in a week!


Rebijord ❤



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